The world is full of mysteries and shaving is one of those. We look to media to only be shown razors gliding over smooth and silky legs to represent how women look when they’re shaving. Yup, still a mystery.


Billie wants their shavers to know that with their razor, they’ll never have to worry about looking as smooth as the girls in those ads, nor feel improper and lost in their shaving journeys. We want to remain as authentic as the hair on our bodies. On and off screen.

AD/CW: Danielle Penet and Me​

First, we'll bring attention to the problem...​


And then authentically show how women actually shave.

Young girls that have yet to embark on their shaving journey need the most guidance and transparency. Since billie is 100% authentic, they have the responsibility to help guide these beginners when the razor is in their hands.


We want to get to them before other razor brands do.